How Second Sunday Began

Two Nob Hill residents wanted to bring art and culture to their neighborhood.
Second Sunday was born.

Vanessa Bowen


Vanessa is an artist and graphic designer.

John Katrinak

Nob Hill Business Owner

John Katrinak is the owner of Soo Bak Seoul Bowl

Jen Lucero

Event Assistant

Jennifer Lucero is a media producer who uses digital productions to create bonds and interactions within communities. Her passion for human rights directed her to pursue a degree in journalism and women studies at the University of Texas at El Paso. In 2009, she connected with director and producer, Barni Qaasim, to produce and edit Catching Babies, a feature length documentary which explored the lives of mothers and midwives living on the US-Mexico border. Connecting with nonprofits as a community health educator, Lucero spent 2011 through 2014 producing multimedia presentations on pertinent health information- empowering people with education to make safe and conscious choices about their health. In 2016, she was awarded a grant from the City of El Paso to document the sound and story of women musicians from the Borderlands. The Appleseed Project plants seeds of inspiration around the musical platform it promotes. Intimate and confessional, women share their musical experiences against the sound of their own songs. Currently, Lucero works as a freelance multi-media consultant for nonprofits and businesses.

Jesse Littlebird

Scumbag Artist Liaison